Napa Valley fly fishing - Right here on the Napa River!

The Napa River flows through the heart of the valley. It is the life blood that nourishes vines and is home to healthy population of striped bass that are both fun and challenging to catch on a fly rod. Here at Off the Hook we offer the very best fly fishing guides in the area that will help you catch fish and develop skills to make you a better angler.

With close proximity to San Francisco and Sacramento our trips begin in down town Napa and where we escape to reed lined estuaries where shore birds are often as plentiful as fish. Allow us to ad a truly memorable and productive fly fishing experience to your Napa Valley vacation.

No prior experience is required and all the necessary gear will be provided at no additional cost.

A large striper on the flyFly fishing for striper on the Napa River: Wine tasting isn't the only thing we do in Napa that will put a smile on your face.

The Species

Stripped bass are the target species of choice here. They are hard fighting ambush predators that wait near structure like rocks, under water stumps and limbs or along current seams and crush any baitfish that happen along. They love to eat streamer type flies, and will pull hard once hooked. Fish vary from 16 inches on the small end all the way to 10 to 15 lbs during the annual Fall migration.

The Fishing

We fish a variety of sinking lines on 7 to 9 weight rods for striper. It helps to be proficient at casting however even beginners hook fish on our guided trips. We do suggest that anglers work on their casting before coming out to fish with us so as to maximize their guided experience. Being able to double haul is very helpful in casting and covering the water in search of these migratory creatures.

Napa fly fishing guides for strips.

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