Yuba “Egg Bite” Group Trip October 7 & 8, 2011

Off the Hook Fly Fishing hosted an energetic group of 8 anglers last weekend on the Yuba River here in Northern California. The group was fantastic and made up of young professionals most of which had known each other for years. Their personalities, viewpoints and vocational experiences were as unique as their past fishing experience.

Everyone trickled in Friday afternoon to the campground. A significant portion of the participants were brand new to fly fishing so after camp was setup, we broke out the fly rods and yarn flies for casting class. Even the brand new guys picked it up quickly. Once everyone was up to speed we decided a little hike was in order while dinner was being prepared. On the evening’s menu were three delicious tri-tips from the infamous Buckhorn Steakhouse, huge baked potatoes with all the fixings, and grilled corn bathed in butter. All of this washed down with some tasty adult beverages. For dessert we had a variety of goodies but the main course was a decadent chocolate birthday cake for Dustin R. one of the participants. Once everyone was finished eating some good old fashion story telling took place over beer and wine around a crackling campfire.

We woke up early o” clock Saturday morning so we could be the first boats on the water. Fishing a group of this size takes some additional planning and maneuvering on the river. After meeting up with the guides everyone got suited up and hit the river. What an amazing day it was! Temperatures were cool first thing in the morning. The bright morning sun and the cups of java however went a long way towards waking tired bodies. The clean crisp air and anticipation soon had us focused and excited for the day’s experiences. With a heave the boats took off. It was merely a few moments before “fish on, fish on!” was echoing up and down the canyon from the boat I was in. This time of year sees Salmon make their yearly migration into California’s rivers. Resident fish like the trout in the Yuba key in on this and move in behind the salmon to feast on any eggs that tumble astray. We fished rubber legged stone fly nymphs and caddis pupa, but the egg patters seemed to be the best producers. Four of the 8 guys caught their first(and second and third…) Trout on a fly rod on this trip! Our guides love sharing our passion for fly fishing and the ecosystems that trout inhabit with newcomers!

By mid day Temps warmed to the high 70’s and at one point waders became a little warm and rumor has it that there were boats floating down the Yuba River with guys fishing in their boxer shorts! The group met back up in the afternoon to enjoy the remainder of the long float together. It was great to see the camaraderie and have fly fishing be the draw that brought many of these life long friends back together again. After comparing notes and numbers, the consensus was that everyone had a fun and memorable day!

Thanks gentlemen for the great trip and for all the laughs! You are all welcome in our boats any time!




Off the Hook will be putting more group trips together soon. Check back in for dates or to join us on our next adventure.

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