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California's North Coast still has some great steelhead fishing!: Joshua Schwartz with a prize!The Russian River on California's North Coast still has some great steelhead fishing! Joshua Schwartz with a prize!
Of all the rivers in California the Russian is one that is perhaps the most storied. Located 70 miles north of San Francisco it flows over 100 miles from its headwaters North of Healdsburg South East through Santa Rosa then turns its head West towards the mighty Pacific. The Russian River has a deep and colorful past with equally legendary runs of steelhead, salmon and anglers that chased them. It's world famous reputation was well deserved. Large runs of Salmon, Steelhead, Shad and Stripers brought anglers from all over the world to test their skills. Those years are long gone, however there are still fish to target and a following of dedicated anglers, guides, and activists that love this river and are working hard to restore its native runs.

The Russian River: Anglers in search of Sonoma chrome!The Russian River: Anglers in search of Sonoma chrome!

We focus primarily on targeting Steelhead and also on the great spring and summer smallmouth fishing that the Russian provides. Going after smallies is great for beginners and enjoyable for experienced anglers alike. There are both walk and wade as well as canoe and drift boat options available. One nice thing about fishing close to San Francisco and the Napa Valley is that anglers can make it back at a sensible time for a wine tasting before headed out to a nice diner.

Russian River smallmouth

If you will be in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Sonoma or Healdsburg and would like to find out more about fly fishing on the Russian River please continue reading or call toll free(877)228-2477 or local(707)287-2939. You may also contact us via email at for current fishing reports and river conditions or fill out our Online Trip Request Form to reserve your trip.

The fish

Steelhead fishing can be good especially in January and February as long as there is some rain. Steelhead begin to return to the river in November and peak in mid January through February.
The Shad run in May and June and there are some devoted anglers that target them.

Give us a call at (707)287-2939 to experience fly fishing the Russian River with Off the Hook. You will be glad you did!Give us a call at (707)287-2939 to experience fly fishing the Russian River with Off the Hook. You'll be glad you did!

Stripers are not found in fishable numbers anymore but are still caught on occasion.

Smallmouth bass are most active in the summer months and can be caught with regularity on the Russian. These grow up to 4 and 65lbs which is good size for this species. smallies are very fun and rewarding to catch on a fly. They are a good fish to target if you are learning to fly fish or simply want to get out and hone your skills and have a fun day.

Salmon like steelhead runs of yesteryear suffered a set back with the construction of Coyote Dam in 1957 to create Lake Mendocino. Like many California rivers it was dammed and then de-watered for agricultural use. As a result many of the famous runs began to decline so Warm Springs Hatchery on Dry Creek was built to help rebuild the runs of salmon and steelhead. This has helped with runs of King Salmon in September and October however fishing is not allowed for them. There has also been a recent program to re-establish Silver Salmon in California rivers but they are off limits for now too. We are working closely with local conservation efforts to help restore this watershed.

If you are interested in getting involved please email us at

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Russian River Stream Flow Data (USGS) Guernville, CA: Click on the photo for current release data.Russian River Stream Flow Data near Santa Rosa (USGS) Guernville, CA: Click on the photo for current release data.

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