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Lake Berryessa in Napa California offers some pretty remarkable year round fly fishing opportunities. Weather you are looking for a little escape from the wine tasting or a local looking for a good guide to help learn the lake we have you covered. On any given day Berryessa offers chances for Largemouth, Smallmouth and even spotted bass, Crappie, Bluegill and even Kokanee and trout on a fly rod at certain times of the year.

Berryessa offers a variety of fly fishing opportunities within about an hour drive of San Francisco, Sacramento and a few minutes from the Napa Valley's renown food and wine. Escape from the ordinary wine country experience and include some exciting and memorable fishing to your wine country itinerary.

Lake Berryessa is home to some quality Bass!Lake Berryessa is home to some quality Bass!

We offer guided fly fishing trips with our highly rated guides around. On a day with us you will have a blast while learning casting, fly selection, how to read the water to find fish and how to land and release them quickly and safely to fight another day! No prior fishing experience or gear is required. Let's create some lasting memories on the water together!

For more info or to check availability for experiencing for yourself what many bass pros have know about for years please fill out Booking Request Form here or email us at If you prefer to speak with a live person feel free to call our office booking line at (530)242-4122 or by cellular at(707)287-2939 for immediate response to your requests.

The species:

Largemouth: Lake Berryessa Largemouth average 1.5 -2.5 lbs, with 4-7 lb bass being very common. For a good day anglers can expect 20-30 bass days stripping streamers and topwater poppers. Experienced casters usually do best when targeting the larger fish as precision and being able to cast a good distance come into play.
A nice bucket mouth (Largmouth Bass) on the fly!A nice bucket mouth (Largmouth Bass) on the fly!

Smallmouth: Smalmouth bass in Berryessa are a blast on a fly rod. Although usually smaller in size than largemouth cousins these awesome game fish with their red eyes and bronze color are fun fish on light fly tackle. Berryessa is home to a good populations of "smalleys" which can be caught year round along rocky shores.

Catching smalleys on a fly will certainly put a smile on your face!Catching smalleys on a fly will certainly put a smile on your face!

Spotted Bass
Spotted Bass are found in Lake Berryessa in good numbers and will readily take a fly virtually any day of the year. Most of the year they can be found along rocky shore line or drop offs mixed in with smallmouth and largemouth. They often fall for our Float and Fly technique especially early and late in the year.

Caught mostly in the Spring from 4 to 12 ft depth these fish can really pad the numbers and are a welcome piece to the Berryessa grand slam or super grand slam.(Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass, Trout, Kokanee and Crappie)

The Seasons and Fishing:

Berryessa, Jan to February

Bass spawn in the Spring here in California including Berryessa. Prior to February and before spawning begins fishing is at it's slowest. Bass are in deeper water but will still eat a well placed fly. The challenge is finding them and the appropriate depth where they will feed. We don't get our 30 to 60+ fish days in winter however there are plenty of fish to catch and trout are caught with some regularity then as well. Starting in Late February or early March here at Berryessa bass begin to move up and into the shallow areas of the lake or to rocky drop offs for most of the day. We employ our Float and Fly technique to bring awesome numbers of fish to hand early in the season. Catching 50+ fish in a day is very doable. Largemouth begin move to shallows to spawn at this time and can be very territorial and defend their nest from other fish or even an intruding fly pattern. Spring fishing can be good as early as February and run all the way through June.

Berryessa, June to August

In the summer on Berryessa bass generally spend their days and nights resting in deep water, but they move to shallow water to feed in the morning and evening. This is our favorite time to get them on top water poppers. These shallow areas usually have vegetation or other structures to attract minnows, insects, crustaceans like crawdads or other small creatures for bass to feed on. In addition, these shallow areas tend to be adjacent to the deep waters where bass rest. So we target along points or steep ridges and the shallow areas around the edge of the lake. Rocky points, floating or submerged vegetation, docks or coves filled with trees are prime bass habitat and Berryessa has some of each of these elements. Fishing early and late in the day is the best time to be on the water.

Top water bass patterns like this are deadly in the shallows early and late in the day.Top water bass patterns like this are deadly in the shallows early and late in the day.

Berryessa, September to December In the fall around September once the kids have gone back to school the lake gets quieter at least mid week. During this time we go back to the Float and Fly mid day but ply the edges and shallows with poppers in the morning and evening. As Fall becomes Winter and water temps cool, bass move to deeper water and top water flies becomes less productive. During this time we fish deeper along drop offs or rocky shores. Streamers and Suspended patterns work best and we can adjust our depth to get to where they are holding and feeding.

Guided Trip Options

Full Day: $500
(8 hours) 1-2 anglers with lunch provided

Half Day: $375
(4-5 hours) 1-2 anglers

We are happy to provide rods and reels at no additional charge. We can also accommodate a third angler for $100 additional per day.

We can accommodate 2 to 3 boat trips with ease and a little bit of advanced notice. Corporate trips, wedding parties and couples trips are all welcome.

Getting Here

Our trips meet at Markley Cove Marina. It is located at 7521 Ca-128 in Napa.

From San Francisco head East on Highway 80 to Vacaville. Exit there and take Ca-505 North to Winters. Exit at East Grant Avenue (highway 128 and go West towards the Lake. Markley Cove will be on your right a little way past the dam overlook.

From Sacramento head West on Ca I-80 through Davis. Look for signs for Ca-505 North just before you get to Vacaville. Head north on 505 East Grant Avenue (highway 128) and go West towards the Lake. Markley Cove will be on your right a few bends past the dam overlook.

From Napa there are two ways to get to Lake Berryessa. You can head east on Ca-120 which turns into Ca-128. Follow it to Markley Cove Marina which will be on your Left prior to coming to the dam overlook and heading down into the canyon to Putah Creek below the dam.

Or if you prefer highway driving you can head south on Highway 29 to Jameson Canyon and highway 12. Head East on Ca-12 to Ca-80 East. Continue East to Vacaville. Exit and take Ca-505 North to Winters. Exit at East Grant Avenue (highway 128 and go West towards the Lake. Markley Cove will be on your right past the dam overlook.

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