Take a Chance

During the winter I was given a lead on a small creek here in the valley that was loaded with wild fish. I had almost forgotten about iI until my buddy phoned me and said he wanted to fish but fish somewhere new.

I told him about the lead I had on this place but did not really know what to expect. There is a great feeling of joy heading out to a place that you have never fished. You run the chance of the day being a total bust but we were prepared for that if it were the case.

To our luck everything I had heard about this place was true. It is an absolute bug factory. The yellow sallies were out in the thousands, and they looked like they were on steroids.

The strange thing was that we did not see a single fish eat on top the entire day. The only thing we could think was that they water was still too high and fast for them to be looking up. Then again what did we know we had never been here before. We hiked through a canyon fishing several spots along the way each pulling out a few fish per stop. Most of the fish we picked up were in the 10-12" range with some a little bigger and some a little smaller. I have heard that this creek does hold a few bigger fish in the 20" range but they only come out later at night.

I did hook and land one fish that was around the 17" mark. A really healthy fish that fought well. I will return to this place, there are salmon flies on this creek that I hope to someday see go off in numbers.

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