Putah Pays Off

This morning I was treated to taking out a 15 year old kid named Jack. Jack told me that he had done quite a bit of fly fishing already though neverbecause in "Northern California. I could tell by the way he said it that he was already afly fishing addict.

After the first five minutes of watching him roll cast, mend, and read the water I could tell that he was a stud. I told him what a challenge Putah Creek can be but if you get technical you can do pretty well. I took us a couple of hours to find the fish but once we did we caught fire.

Jack's first hook up was a 20" rainbow that he fought well. It eventually took him under some rocks a popped loose. He looked disappointed until I assure him that he did everything right but sometimes fish spit flies and that's part of the game. A casts later he was hooked up again on a 17" female that we got to the net. Snapped a few pics and then taught him how to properly release a fish.

With in the next hour Jack hooked fish left and right. We ended up landing 7 and loosing a few more. The smile on this kids face will not be forgotten. Jack H Putah BowJack H Putah Bow

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