Silver King TV Season 1 Episode 1 "Don't Count Me Out"

There is nothing like Tarpon fishing on the fly. However you feel about tournament fly fishing, Silver King TV has some characters and some great Tarpon action in the beautiful Florida Keys. Enjoy!

Paradise Waits by Brett Wedeking

Check out the November/December issue of Northwest and Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine. Brett Wedeking wrote a great piece on fishing on of our favorite remote Costa Rican lodge - Tarponville. Mark Hatter was along as well as Jordan Romney and Mikey Wier as the crew experienced fun and challenging fishing for Tarpon, Permit, and Trigger fish. Pick it up at your local fly shop or news stand and live vicariously through these talented fly fishing pros. If you would like to learn more about experiencing the lush Costa Rican rain forest and and all its amazing flora and fauna in person, please give us a call at (877)228-2477. There is a huge tarpon encounter waiting for you!

Fish on! Call (877)228-2477 to experience a moment like this!: Jordan Romney with a huge Costa Rican tarpon as Mark Martin looks on.Fish on! Call (877)228-2477 to experience a moment like this!: Jordan Romney with a huge Costa Rican tarpon as Mark Martin looks on.

Micro Management - fly fishing for baby tarpon.

Here is a great film on chasing baby tarpon on the fly by Dan Decibel. Enjoy!

Micro Management by Dan Decibel from DAN DECIBEL on Vimeo.

Fly fishing Chetumal Bay in Belize and Mexico from Mecca mothership

This was an awesome exploratory trip we took to Chetumal Bay in Belize and Mexico. The weather didn't entirely cooperate but that couldn't dampen our spirits or keep us from finding fish. Enjoy and contact us to be invited to join our next trip south of the border.

One-way ticket to Belize please

So my buddy Screamin' Scott went to Placencia, Belize last week for a little vacation with the wife. He fished one day with a guide, his first saltwater day ever.

He ended up with the grand slam photos below, in addition to one more permit and two more tarpon. I've never heard anything like this. Unreal... I told him to buy a lotto ticket.


New issue Florida Fly Fishing Magazine Online Vol 3 # 4

The new issue of Florida Fly Fishing Magazine is hot off the presses. If you are not familiar with this magazine and enjoy fly fishing especially in the South East then you don't want to miss this.


Cortland Cracks the Code--PE+ Liquid Crystal Product Review

While clear fly lines are nothing new, until relatively recently they have only been available as intermediate sinking lines.

Dirtbag fly fishing at its best - Tarpon from a float tube?

When someone mentions the words "dirt bag" or "dirt bagging it" in regards to fly fishing they are generally talking about a low cost or budget fishing trip that usually involves camping(sometimes in the dirt)usually in a sleeping bag on the ground or even the back of a car or pickup truck.

Belize 2011--Epic

Off The Hook’s summer 2011 trip to Belize aboard the RisingTide had all the elements of an epic—mythical creatures, superstitions, friendship, feasting, tall tales over strong drink, triumphs, tragedies and battling against the odds and the elements.

Fly fishing legend Billy Pate passes away.

Billy Pate a legendary tarpon fisherman passed away April 18 at the age of 81. He was a remarkable angler and someone that inspired me to first want to fish for Tarpon. My first recollection of him was in a video clip from a Scientific Anglers 3M video that I saw at Kiene's about 15 years ago. His manic pursuit of "larrge Tarrrpon" as he used to say in a southern drawl led him to become an expert's expert. He frequented the Florida Keys and everglades and his boat with large custom casting platform with foam covered pipes bouncing down the road also became legendary.

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