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Klamath River Fly Fishing Guide Trips

Klamath River Fly Fishing Guide Trips with Off the Hook Fly Fishing - New 2015 Offering

We are excited this season to add the Klamath River to our great fly fishing options here in Northern California. We are looking forward to some great fall fly fishing for the steelhead which call this river home. Take a look at the information and call us if you would like to reserve a spot in one of our boats. (877)228-2477 or (707)287-2939.

The Klamath River system has traditionally been one of the most productive on the West Coast going back to pre-Columbian times. Flowing south from the Klamath basin in southeastern Oregon down through California's Siskiyou mountains it was an integral part of life for the regions inhabitants. It has been a source of food, and transportation and enjoyment for many Indians groups who lived along its banks as well as ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Klamath has had its struggles, however we are happy to say that it is on its way back!

Napa Valley Fly fishing guide report - Putah Creek, California, Rob Russell

Napa Valley Fly fishing

We are excited to have Rob Russell as our newest Putah Creek guide. Rob is an outstanding fly fishing guide and one of the "fishiest guys" we've ever met.

Napa Valley Fly fishing on Putah Creek: Rob Russell with a nice Putah Creek bow. Welcome to the team hombre!Napa Valley Fly fishing on Putah Creek: Rob Russell with a nice Putah Creek bow. Welcome to the team hombre!

Winter Fly Fishing Stoke!

This is a cool video segment about how much fun it is to get out doors to ski and fish(I would add snowboard to the list). While most of the East Coast is beginning to thaw from a brutal winter, out West we are doing our rain dance and praying for water!

Fly Fishing Baja from Boat and Beach

This is a great article on fly fishing East Cape Baja by Kirston Koths and Bob Marshak. Baja Sur. is one of our favorite places to vacation and fish with family and friends due to variety of fishing options and comfortable accommodations. This article is a good resource for learning about the fishery and what to expect on a trip to Mexico's Baja California. Download and enjoy!

Fly Fishing Report - April, 2015

Fishing Report April, 2015

Great cast that every fly fisher should know.

Truckee River is Red Hot!

Looking to escape and hook some nice and Browns and Rainbows? Matt and the crew in Truckee have been getting clients on great winter fly fishing in the last two weeks. This is partially due to the unseasonably warm weather and minimal snow. With summer stream flows in some question, now is the time to get up to Tahoe and fish.

Tired of dreaming about catching fish and not catching many? Check out these shots from Stefan and Matt and give us a call. You'll be glad you did! Call (877)228-2477, (707)287-2939

Fly fishing Chetumal Bay in Belize and Mexico from Mecca mothership

This was an awesome exploratory trip we took to Chetumal Bay in Belize and Mexico. The weather didn't entirely cooperate but that couldn't dampen our spirits or keep us from finding fish. Enjoy and contact us to be invited to join our next trip south of the border.

Summer time!

There is nothing like summer in America. Warm weather, baseball, barbecues, ice cold lemon aid and top water Largemouth fishing!

There is something about chucking a popper tight against a gnarled snag, among lily pads or near a weed line. You remember it. The smell of summer grass and pond muck mingle in your nostrils. You cautiously approach a likely looking spot that should hold a worthy adversary.

You uncork your popper from the hook-keep and begin measuring your back cast options. A cast unfurls not with the grace and poetry of a trout cast, but more of a measured chuck followed by an abrupt stop and an audible plop. The rod tip drops to the water so as to have a straight line to your fur feather or cork water puppet. With a stecatto rhythm you impart life as it were to this hapless floating train wreck suspended before you. The blurp and slurp emitting from your seemingly wounded offering leaves a trail of bubbles over dark oily water. Suddenly from the murky caffeinated depths the predatory instinct awakens.

With ferocious malice the water surrounding the prey erupts in all directions seemingly at once. This startles you and contacts directly into your peripheral nervous system with the effectiveness of a cattle prod. In an instant your hapless fly disappears along with at least a gallon of water...give or take a little.

You react with a clutch of line and your own retaliatory strike. The rod bends a smile across the face but only after several tense aerial moments followed by valiant attempts to wreck havoc on monfilament.

With a lunge and a well aimed thumb on sandpaper lips you hoist the first one, the first of summer!


This video is from Catch Magazine. Brian O'Keefe and his crew put together one of our favorite fly fishing publications. Here is a link to it https://www.catchmagazine.net/Magazine/cmjun2012 This video came out a while back, but we just cant get enough! Enjoy!

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