Northern California Fly Fishing Report - November, 2015

Northern California Fly Fishing Report – November, 2015

American River – Poor Flows are extremely low and very warm (500 CFS).

USGS reports 500 CFS where normally they would be pushing 2,000cfs at this time. Water temps are coming down however in high 60’s and still too warm for fishing. Low dissolved oxygen levels due to warm temps are leading to high mortality rates for caught fish. Please avoid fishing here until we get rain!

Call the Fly Fishing Specialties at (916)722-1055 for updates on current conditions or check back here for monthly updates.

Guide Tip: Go fish the Feather or Trinity!

Delta - Striper Good to Great. Smallmouth/Largemouth Fair to Poor.

Flows in the Delta are slightly below average and clear. Temp - low 60’s to 70.

Striper fishing has been good to great day to day. The Indian summer has kept really great weather around and good numbers of fish are being caught. Recent reports of fish on the boil this week and red-hot topwater action in the evening. Throwing streamers in white, blue, and pink have been producing recently as well as poppers on top early and late in the day.

Smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing has slowed on top with some fish still being caught on streamers down deeper in the water column, but most anglers switching to striper.

Call Off the Hook at (707)287-2939 or at the Shop at (916)722-1055 to get I on the striper fun. Or if you prefer email us at info@offthehookflyfishing and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fall River - Good Flows - Low, clear mid-50’s

Flows on the Fall River are clear and low however it continues to fish well. Some nice fish have been caught this week stripping dark colored leaches in the deeper pools and runs. You will need to move around a bit and cover water to find fish but the results have been rewarding. Consider hiring a guide to maximize your time on the water concentrating on the best spots.

Fall river toad.Fall River toad.

The “fall twitch” is still working with small nymphs and some hatches are coming off during the warmest parts of the day.
Give us a call at (707)287-2939 or at the Shop at (916)722-1055 to book a guided day. email us at info@offthehookflyfishing and we will make sure you fish with the best.

Guide tip: Try swinging a black or olive Mohair Leech on an intermediate line in the large pools and bends in the river and hang on tight.

Feather River – Good to Great Flows - 180 CFS. Temp low 50’s.

Good numbers of fish are in the system and now is the time to go! Try fishing an egg pattern below and indicator behind spawning salmon. Best action has been first light to mid morning but clients have been catching fish all day.
Call Off the Hook at (707)287-2939 or at the Shop at (916)722-1055 now! Guided days are going fast! Or if you prefer, or send us an email at info@offthehookflyfishing.

Ron with a happy client on the Feather: Call now before they're gone.(707)287-2939

Guide tip: Go now!

Klamath - Fair to Good Flows – low and clear (1,100 CFS) Temp high 50’s to 60’s
Flows hovering at around 1,100 CFS and in the 50’s near the Iron Gate Dam warming to high 60’s further downstream in the canyon. Fishing has been good recently up below the dam. Suspending nondescript caddis type patterns such as a Prince Nymph or Birds Nest under a dry dropper has been working.

The canyon section has also been producing for folks on the swing using spey or switch rods as well as indicator nymphing. Look for things to improve once some water gets in the system when the rain arrives.

Give us a call at (707)287-2939 or at the Shop at (916)722-1055 for current conditions on the Klamath develop.

McCloud River - Great. Flows clear, low and cold (240 CFS at Ah-di-na and mid 50’s)

The McCloud River is in amazing shape. Water clarity may vary slightly from day to day but fishing continues to be great. October Caddis are laying eggs in the evening making for some exciting fishing and hard takes on skated dries. Mayflies are hatching in the afternoon as well. The fishing has been fun and rewarding!

Escape the traffic and crowds on other rivers in Northern California and give the McCloud a try with one of our guides. You will be glad you did. Fish deeper slots with nymphs under an indicator and the shallower areas with a dry dropper set up. Consider suspending a midge or Baetis pattern under a Stimulator and move until you find fish willing to cooperate.

Guide tip: Wait until sunlight is in the canyon around 10:00 before you start fishing. This gets insects hatching and you can sleep in and catch some shut eye and arrive just in time for good fishing.

Napa River - Fair to Good. Flows – average, clear, water temps high 60’s.

Fishing has been good although most fish reported were in the 14 to 24” range. Reports of a few larger fish to 12 lbs caught recently in lower river. Throwing full sinking lines in the 250 to 400 grain range is producing most fish. Use chartreuse or white streamers on sinking lines in moving water. Watch the tides and focus on low incoming or outgoing water.

Guide tip: Be on the water at first light. Some topwater action to be had!

Call Off the Hook Fly Fishing at (707)287-2939 or at the Shop at (916)722-1055 for current reports and conditions.

Pit River - Great. Pit #3 - 300 CFS, Pit #4 - 410 CFS, Pit #5 - 405 CFS Clear - 50’s to low 60’s

Fishing is good here and Fall is the right time to be on the water. The October Caddis are around and doing their thing, so plan on fishing dries in the evening. Throughout the day however, nymphing with stoneflies and other medium to large nymphs that mimic the river’s many clinger type mayflies is producing nice rewards. Fish are holding deep so remember to use plenty of split shot. If you don’t mind losing a few flies to get quality fish, then go fish somewhere else right now.

This is time to stick and move. Cover water thoroughly then move on to the next likely spot. High-stick and short-line nymphing is the name of the game, however there are reports from our friends at The Fly Shop say fish are still taking dries such as beetles and ants. Use a lot of split shot to get down fast and focus on the pockets and creases, then move on.

Putah Creek – Good Flows are low and clear and 140 CFS. Temps mid 50’s

Now is the time to fish Putah if ever there was! Baetis and midges have been the staple, however eggs should be in the mix shortly. Fish are concentrated in the riffles and are feeding. Clients have had success but fish size has varied widely from 6 to 22+" with some larger! Some are adult fish in the 12 to 24”+ range and some are juvenile with distinct par marks and are 6 to 12”. Clients are hooking over a dozen fish each trip and generally two or more are 20+ inches!

Guide Tip : Rob Russell says “throw a San Juan Worm in the mix, you might be surprised what happens”

Jordan Romney with an nice Putah Creek specimen.: Call (707)287-2939 to reserve your spot!Jordan Romney with an nice Putah Creek specimen: Call (707)287-2939 to reserve your spot with Jordan!

Call Off the Hook at (707)287-2939 or at the Shop at (916)722-1055 reserve your guided day. We stop guiding the Creek during the spawn so prime time is now and dates are going fast!

Pyramid Lake - Good to Great Water is clear mid 60’s on the surface and cooler just beneath.

Fish have been keying on tui chub minnows for the last several weeks. Tui chubs prefer the warm surface temperatures of 66 degrees, where they are balling up in big schools. The trout stay below them in the cooler 57 degree water, coming up from below to blast the chubs. The best fly patterns have been the “Stanley Streamer”, “ZT Pyramid Chub”, and White/Tan Clouser minnows. A very fast sinking line to get down to the fish is a must. We’ve had reports of some really large fish being caught and a solid 18 pound chrome female was released recently!

Fish will begin to switch over to foam beetles here shortly as water temps continue to cool. Drag flies along the bottom along drop offs and pause to let them float up. Then hang on and don’t fall in!

Pyramid Lake has been on fire!Pyramid Lake has been on fire!

Pyramid will continue to fish well into Winter and on into Spring. Give us a call at (707)287-2939 for current conditions or to check available dates.

Lower Sacramento – Good to Great. Flows - 6800 CFS clear - mid 50’s.

The weather is finally cooling in Redding and over the last few weeks and we have had good reports from Posse Grounds all the way down to Jelly’s Ferry. The “egg bite” has brought good fishing and should continue through November. Salmon are throughout the upper floats crowding into their spawning grounds. Large trout can now be found below these spawning salmon gorging on their eggs, so don’t forget egg patterns.

Try Bazookas, Micro Spawn and Glow Bugs and remember to please NOT to wade or anchor near any spawning salmon to protect the next generation of these amazing fish.

For those not as interested in fishing the egg bite and wanting to avoid the crowds, the most consistent hatches have been may flies in the lower river in sizes 18 and 16 along with various types of caddis from size 18 to 14.

Steelhead and salmon can also be found from Ball’s Ferry down to Jelly’s Ferry. Egg patterns seem to work best when targeting a steelhead on the lower river.

Dave with a nice Lower Sac fish!Dave with a nice Lower Sac fish!

Guide tip: Throw an egg patter behind any salmon you can find or wait until dark when fish begin to take dries for some dry fly action with Caddis patters.

Truckee River – Good to Great. Flows 70-100 CFS (Canyon only), Little Truckee 47. Clarity – Clear. Temps- Mid 50s (perfect)

Hints of El Nino have appeared the last week or so around Truckee. I woke up yesterday with a dusting of snow in the mountains and rain on the ground.

Flows have dropped some on the Big T this week but it's still very fishable. Keep in mind all fishing is still in the Canyon section. Like most of the fall so far, temps are really good and the bugs and fish seem to be responding. No surprise here, the main bug of the fall is baetis. We've been throwing variations of 16-20s, in dark and olive. Even with that being the go-to, try rubberlegs, any size caddis or worms as your attractor under an indicator.

Brown Town is still 'live and kickin'Brown Town is still 'live and kickin'

The Little Truckee is producing as it usually does this year. Flows are clear and stealth is a must. I would recommend downsizing everything, flies, tippet, indicators. Baetis, micro caddis, and midges have been the top flies this fall.

Sawmill Lake (private) is still fishing well this fall. If you're looking to sight fish some big fish in the shallows, this is the time of year to do it. We've also been getting into more browns than usual over there this fall.

Browns on both rivers are in full spawn mode, so be careful where you walk and leave those fish to do their thing.

Guide tip: Head down river where water is higher and fish larger attractor nymph patterns under an indicator or dry dropper in deeper pools and runs. Remember to play and release fish quickly and limit any time out of the water to decrease fish mortality. Perhaps another idea would be to go fish Pyramid!

Give us a call at (707)287-2939 if you would like to get up out of the valley and enjoy fall in the Sierras.

Trinity River – Good to Great Flows - low and fairly clear (311 CFS at Lewiston)

Fishing is good right now although it can be slightly off color in a few areas based on rainfall. Flows will most likely remain at around 300 until nature cooperates and we get some rain and the fishing will really get good.

Salmon numbers are low however those that are in the river are actively digging redds. Steelhead are showing up in waves. Fishing has been good and after some weather as it gets the fish moving. Be prepared for lots of smolt nibbles in deep pools. The lower flows are making it a little more difficult for the drift boats, but rafts and wade fishermen are having no problems. The good news is that the fishing is excellent, with steelhead being hooked from Lewiston all the way down to Willow Creek. The weekends are definitely the busiest time with both float fishermen and wade fishermen occupying some of the most popular spots.

Fishing with nymphs under strike indicators is working best; the top flies have been stone fly patterns, copper johns and various may fly patterns. Spey fishermen have been doing well in the Junction City and Del Loma areas, swinging streamers and nymphs.

Guide tip: Head Josh Schwartz says to “check your flies periodically and remove any caddis casings.” John Slubowski says “fish mid week to avoid the crowds or head down river below Junction City.”

Yuba River – Good Flows –clear and low(400 CFS). Temps mid 50’s.

Salmon are definitely up in the area above Daguerre Dam, albeit in smaller numbers then down below it. Regardless of that fishing is good. Now is the time to fish egg patterns. Recent reports of beads fishing well along with the caviar patterns such as Micro Spawn, and Glo bugs. There are a lot of Salmon in the lower river below the dam but getting up the ladder has been difficult due to low water. Look for more fish to push up with the first real rain that we hope is right around the corner. Trout fishing has been best between Highway 20 and the dam perhaps due to uncomfortably warm water in the lower river for the trout.

Guide tip: Find salmon reds and throw in behind them. Trout are on the egg bite this week!

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