Northern California Fly Fishing Report July 27, 2018

Summer is here full blast and with it good fishing and the dreaded California fire season. There are some specific areas that are adversely effected but the vast majority of the state is experiencing good fishing right now. Keep reading for the skinny on what is going on.

Best Bets: McCloud River, Putah Creek - Trout, Lower Yuba River - Trout and Striper. American River - Striper, Sierra Foothill Lakes and Clear Lake - Bass. - Bass, Lake Almanor - Trout and Bass.

American River Striper - Fair to good. Steelhead - Good Shad - Fair. Flows - 5,500 cfs at Natoma. Water Temps - Mid 50's. Clarity - 12 ft. visibility.

The AR had a great push of shad this year and the fishing was pretty darn good. Currently the fishing continues and while you can still get out and hook a good number of them, things are on the down hill slope. We expect the shad fishing to hold out for another 2 maybe 3 weeks and then it will be all but over.

Striper fishing has been good on several Nor Cal waters, and we are seeing larger than average fish to the boat as of late. The AR stripers are best chased from sun up till about noon, either full or half days. The flows are now at 5500 cfs and is making for some great fishing conditions. Call (707)287-2939 for additional specifics on what is hot right now.

The trout and steelhead fishing has been pretty good here as well with a nice push of summer steelhead. Fish 14-18" but fish up to 22" have been hooked and landed. Nymphing is best at these flows, but prior to the big bump, we had some good success swinging now, they are best targeted from a boat, or wait for the flows to drop then get out and try em on foot. Caddis, mayflies and San Juan worms and soft hackles have been best producers. Given the warm temperatures if you have the ability it may be best to target trout elsewhere in the Sierra or the Yuba where water temps are cooler.

Steehead Nymphs: Birds Nests 10 -14, Copper Johns, Black or Olive Poopahs and Princes 14 -16. Micro Mays 14 to 18, Brown or Black Rubber Legs 6 - 10 and eggs ( Peachy King, Roe and Tangerine)

Swinging: Soft Hackes

Striper Flies: Stay Hungry Streamers, Byng's Baitfish, Angel's Chartreuse and White, Angels Delta Danger and Angel's Smolt, Toby's Rainbow Clouser 4/0, Toby's A.R. Rainbow 4/0, American River Special 3/0, Clousers - chartreuse/white, gray/white

Shad Flies: Bloody Marias, Wet Pinkies, Orange Thing and Bleeders are good bets.(Stop by the shop to pick up the hot flies. Anything orange, pink, white or bright red or some combination there of will work)

Give us a ring at (707)287-2939 or (916)722-1055 to give the American a whirl.

Delta Striper - Fair. Largemouth - Good Smallmouth - Good. Water temp 70 to 72 degrees. Clarity - clear in most areas

Summer is in full swing on the California Delta. We have had a bit of a mixed bag this past week. On a recent trips with good anglers we found some quality Stripers in the N. Delta along with Smallmouth & Largemouth. Overall striper fishing has slowed but a few scattered fish to be caught but anglers can expect to work for them. Productive patterns include a mix of rattle Clousers Minnows and traditional clousers in 4-6" lengths. Overall, striper fishing is a side note right now until the weather changes again in the Fall. Our attention at least in the Delta has turned to Largemouth and Smallmouth for the most part.

Summer top water bass fishing is about as much fun as you can shake a stick at..or a fly rod.Summer top water bass fishing is about as much fun as you can shake a stick at..or a fly rod.

Topwater Smallmouth continues to be the primary focus. Water temperatures are 72 degrees. For August and September we are honed in on topwater Smallmouth/Largemouth, returning to Stripers come fall unless someone really wants to hunt or target Stripers in the Summer months. Smallmouth are in the Northern Delta along rock walls while Largemouth tend to be in the central and Southern Delta along reeds, weed lines and wood cover.

If you are interested in in these unique half day topwater bass trips please let us know. This is a great way to get beginners into fly fishing due to the numbers of fish hooked, the user friendly nature of the casting required and how visually stimulating it is to have a bass pounce on your fly 15 to 20 feet from the boat.

Smallmouth and largemouth fishing are two option that are fun for the whole family. Reserve your summer fun today. Dates with our guides are filling fast. (707)287-2939 (916)722-1055

Guide Tip : For Smallmouth use size 6-8 Poppers in various colors with a 12-18” dropper tied below. A small woolly bugger, crawdad pattern or Carey special will get a lot more strikes below the popper. For Largemouth it’s tough to beat large Frog Patterns & cannot go wrong with a Clouser Minnow type fly when searching for Stripers.

In addition we offer a very unique Kayak fishing program where guests paddle the slews, canals, weed lines, rock walls and larger open water in search of fly fishing targets.

Striper Streamers: Byng's Baitfish - 1/0, Angel's Chartreuse and White, Angels Delta Danger and Angel's Smolt.

Largemouth Streamers: Stay Hungry Streamer - Chartreuse, Perch or Shiner colors, #2 Byng's Baitfish, 1/0 Angel's Chartreuse and White, Angels Delta Danger and Angel's Smolt, Angel's Bluegill - 4/0.

Smallmouth Flies: Small poppers in a variety of colors such as green, white, yellow, brown etc. #2 - 4 Pultz Poppers Brown, black or Olive Wolly Buggers.

Guide Tip: "For smalleys find a rock wall in the northern portion of the Delta with 70 degree water and you will find smallmouth willing to pounce on a popper."

Fall River - Good. Flows - average. Water Temps - mid 50's Water Clarity - Clear.

The Fall river continues to produce well despite smoky conditions. The Hex hatch has started to slow but hatches are still ongoing at last light. Morning has seen a spinner fall and later in the day tiny tricos and larger PMD's are actively popping throughout the river with caddis emerging in the evening. Swinging soft hackles in the runs and leaches in the deeper holes is producing some quality fish.

Nymphs : X Mays, Hogans S&M and Mercers Micro May in 16 - 18, Mercer's Rag Hexagenia Nymph 6 - 8, Burks Aggrevator - 6, Saddleback Hex - 6

Dries : Parachute Adams - 12, EC Caddis, Missing Link, Light Cahill 14 - 16, Parachute Light Cahill 14 to 16, Elk Hair Caddis, 14 to 16, Hackle Stacker PMD 14 - 16, Lawson's PMD 14 to 16, Mercer's Foam Body Hex, Mercer's Poxyback Emerger and Milts X Cripple - 6. Popcorn Hex - 6, Hex Drake - 6, Sexy Hexican - 6,

Streamers: Hale Bopp leaches

Guide tip: Try fishing a hex nymph in the afternoon or swinging a streamer through the deeper holes. You may be surprised at the result.

Feather River Steelhead - Good. Striper - Good. Flows - 1,400 cfs in low flow. 4,500 in high flow. Temperature - Mid to high 60's. Clarity - Clear.

Fishing on the Feather for half pounder steelhead has been good lately. We have had good success chasing summer run steelhead in the 12 to 18" range and an occasional 20 to 22" finding the net.

Nymphing of course is the best option for the most fish, however, we have been having a great time swinging small switch and spey rods for these fish as well, with good numbers to hand. The low flow is cold and flowing at 1400 cfs, can't ask for anything better than that. The high flow is pumping at 4500 cfs, there are some salmon around, but the crowds are not, which is really nice. The steelhead fishing is also good in the high flow as well, and with little to no boat traffic right now it makes for fishing.

There are striper and shad in the Feather as well but we simply haven't been targeting them much as fishing has been so good on the Yuba and American. It may be worth having a look though.

Salmon fishing is open on the Feather as of July 15. This river offers one of the best chances to hook and land a salmon on a fly rod in California. If you are interested give us a ring. (707)287-2939 or (916)722-1055.

If you plan to book trips with us in the Fall on the Feather for the Egg Bite, booking well in advance is highly recommended. We already have dates booked, and space is becoming limited for prime time so reserve today.

Steelhead Nymphs: San Juan Worms, Prince Nymphs 8 to 10, Birds Nests and Copper Johns 10 -14. Black, Green, and Tan B.H. Caddis Poopahs 14-16, Red Headed Step Child, Tungsten Salvation 14-16 and Micro Mays 14-16, Brown or Black Rubber Legs 6-10, Cheese Micro Spawn and Sucker Spawn and eggs ( Peachy King, Roe and Tangerine )

Salmon and Steelhead Swinging Flies: Silver Hiltons, Anderson's Classic, Fly Fishing Specialties Alevin, Anderson Euphoria, Heisenberg, Green Butt Skunk, Falken's Tiny Dancer, Hartwick's Purple Hilton, Hobo Spey in black/blue and Black/Chart, Intruders, Perpetrators, Beach Bums, Olive Sculpins, Cream Soft Hackles and Blood Sucking Leaches. Olive buggers, U name its, olive sculpin,

Striper Streamers: Byng's Baitfish - 1/0, Angel's Chartreuse and White, Angels Delta Danger and Angel's Smolt.

Shad Flies: Bloody Marias, Orange Thing and Bleeder

Hat Creek trout - Good, Flows - 130 at Hat #2, Water temps - mid 50's to low 60's Clarity - clear

Hat Creek is fishing well with fish keying on Tricos in the morning and Baetis and PMD's throughout the rest of the day. Nymphing with attractor nymphs has been good. Tricos are coming off en force down on the flats and fish are on the take. Caddis are also a good bet and swinging a soft hackle or other suggestive caddis pattern can be very productive. Due to the heat focus your efforts early and late in the day.

Nymphs : Hare's Ear and Pheasant Tails 14 -18, X Mays, Hogans S&M and Mercers Micro May in 16 - 18, Mercers Poxyback PMD 16 - 18.

Dries : Parachute Adams - 12 to 20, EC Caddis, Hackle Stacker PMD 14 - 16, Lawson's PMD 14 to 16, Parachute Cahil, 12 - 20

McCloud River Trout - Good. Flows - 220 at McCloud Res. 230 at Ah Di Na , Water temps - 50's Water clarity - good

The McCloud is in great shape and fishing well. Focus on oxygenated water during the head of the day but early and late has fished best. It is time for the dry dropper with a stimulator and an attractor nymphs a foot or two below it. This imitates the golden stones that are around in good numbers. Going pocket to pocket with this set up is a blast right not. Don't forget to drag a bugger or sculpin pattern through the deep holes as mr brown trout might take you up on the offer.

Nymphs : Rubber Legs - 8, Little Yellow Stones 12 - 14. Hogans S&M and Mercers Micro May in 16 - 18, Mercers Poxyback PMD 16 - 18, Mercers Poxyback Green Drake, San Juan or Squirmy Worms.

Dries : Stimulators - 12 to 14 Parachute Adams - 12 to 20, EC Caddis 14-16

Streamers : Olive Wolly Buggers 8 to 10, Skulpzilla - 2, Raghead Sculpin

Napa River Striper - Good. Water Temps - 65 to 69 degrees. Water Clarity - Good in throughout.

Fishing continues to be quite productive in the Napa Valley. Hot summer weather has brought on the common conditions for this time of year. This includes warmer water and good numbers of fish. Most have been fairly small recently but fish to 25 or 26" are here as well. Although the fish are smaller now is the time for good numbers of fish. Anglers are seeing good clarity in town and to the south towards the sloughs and the Bay. The Napa River and the rest of the San Francisco should fish well all summer as long as wind allows. Best bets will be fishing sinking lines (T - 11 to T - 14) with 1 to 2/0 clouser style flies with rattles.

Streamers: Black/gray/white Flash Tail Whistler - 1/0 to 2/0, Chart/white and gray/white Stay Hungry Streamers - 1/0, Angel's Sexy Shad and Angel's chart/white - 1/0, Gray/white Flash Tail Whistler - 1/0.

Pit River Trout - Good. Flows - 340 cfs at Pit #3 Water temps - 50's Water clarity - normal (slight color)

The Pit River is prime right now. Best hatches are Baetis, PMD's and Caddis. Temperatures are hot here and there is real fire danger. Give us a ring for up to date info on current fire conditions in the Redding area. Stay alert and drink plenty of water. Focus on the oxygenated fast moving water however swinging a streamer through the deeper holes is a smart move.

Note: Watch for snakes and fire.

Nymphs : Rubber Legs 6 - 8, Little Yellow Stones 12 - 14. Hogans S&M and Mercers Micro May in 16 - 18, Mercers Poxyback PMD 16 - 18, Dark Lords 12-16, Dirty Birds - 14, GB Birds Nests, GB A.P., Amber Wing Prince and GB Prince Nymphs 14 - 16, Mercers Poxyback Green Drake - 12, Mercer's Tungsten October Caddis, San Juans and Squirmy Worms.

Dries : Stimulators - 12 to 14, Foam October Caddis, Mercer's Skating October Caddis, Chernobyl Ant 14-18, Parachute Adams - 12 to 20, EC Caddis 14-16,Mayfly Emergers 12-16, Elk Hair Caddis 12-16

Putah Creek - Good Flows - 500 cfs. Clarity - Good (6+ feet). Water temps - 50's

Putah continues to fish well again this week. Flows had climbed to around 575 at the beginning of this week and then ramped back down to 520 as of today. Fishing takes a day or so to stabilize after a flow hike or drop. With high water wading can be a little harder however for those who know how to access the river this is a good time to be fishing. Quite a few 12 to 13" fish around however some much larger ones in 18 to 20+ found the net. Fishing the small stuff continues to pay off. High sticking and euro nymphing has been the ticket. Nymphing with BWO's and midges are your best bet.

Putah doesn't give up its secrets easily, but for those in the know it can produce some nice fish.
If you live in San Francisco, the Bay Area or Sacramento and if you like catching big wild fish then this is one fishery you need to learn. Fishing is good and it will continue to fish well as flows drop heading into August and September.

Guide Tip: Remember to use plenty of weight and ling leaders to get your flies down to the fish. his has produced some grabs. Give streamers a go right now too. You may hook the fish of a lifetime.

Russian River Steelhead - Poor. Smallmouth - Fair to good. Shad - Poor. Flows - 90 cfs at Healdsburg, 90 cfs Guernville. Temps - 60's to 70's. Water clarity - Good.

It is smallmouth time on the Russian. We target these bronze beauties on variety of lines using streamers and occasionally there can be some topwater action first thing in the morning as well. It is important to keep an eye on water temps as smalleys like 70 degree water. Look to fish along rocky ledges or bed rock, or the deeper pools. Fish clousers and craw dad patterns on the bottom. Remember to wade and approach "fishy water" cautiously and you will likely be rewarded.

To target Summer smalleys or get on the call list for steelhead for next year please call. (707)287-2939.

Smallmouth Flies: Small poppers in a variety of colors such as green, white, yellow, brown etc.such as #2 - 4 Pultz Poppers, Brown Wolly Buggers, Clouser Minnows #2-6.

Smallmouth Flies: Small poppers in a variety of colors such as green, white, yellow, brown etc. #2 - 4 Pultz Poppers Brown, black or Olive Wolly Buggers.

San Francisco Bay Striper - Fair to Good - Water temps - 60's, Clarity - Stained to clear depending on tide/location

We continue find decent numbers of fish in the San Francisco Bay. Some days are better than others. Striper are the name of the game right now. The challenge is to find a day to get out there on them where the wind isn't howling and tides are ideal. On calmer days we are getting some good fishing in, however one day recently we were blown off by 11:a.m. Good water flows and healthy bait population continue to provide a fantastic environment throughout this fishery. Anglers with a modicum of casting ability tend to do best however our guides are good at setting up even first time striper anglers for success. There are even some near shore opportunities for Kelp Bass depending on conditions. Despite the challenges of this fishery there is something inherently cool about fly fishing within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Having a competent captain is even more imperative in the San Francisco Bay and on the Delta than some of the other fisheries in California. Fortunately we have the best in the biz!

If you will be in San Francisco Bay Area or live close and want to get out and give this a try give us a ring at (530)242-4122(O) (707)287-2939 (C)

Lower Sacramento Trout - Fair to Good. Striper - Good. Flows 13,000 cfs out of Keswick. Water Temps - Lower 50's. Clarity - Ultra Clear (10 ft vis) -

The size and health of Lower Sac fish especially on the Upper River near the Posse Grounds never ceases to amaze.
The Carr Fire in the Redding continues to impact the surrounding area. Right now the main issue of concern as far as fishing goes is the smoke which is drifting South West of town. Several of our guides have been affected by the fire and some have been evacuated from their homes. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update as conditions change.

Fishing had been fairly good recently on the Sac and Caddis are the name of the game.
Water is up to 13,000 cfs but is super clear. Despite the flows going deep with 10' leaders and two SSG's is not necessary the only or best way to go. Shorter leaders are lighter and easier to cast and have been producing recently. Caddis are the name of the game right now. The majority of fish seem to be really keyed in on the larger Hydropsyche Caddis. Evening hatches have been productive however nymphing during the day with Caddis Glossoma Caddis although smaller in size are still present so fishing smaller dark pupaes should be part of your game plan. There are also a few Midges, Baetis, PMD's and Yellow Sallies just to keep things interesting.

We are looking forward to the much anticipated August 1st opener on the stretch of the river above the 299 bridge.

Nymphs: Best flies have been Birds Nests (beaded and non) 14-16. Fox's Poopahs 12-16 Olive, Black and Little Yellow Stones 12 - 14. Peaches and Cream 14-16, X Mays, Hogans S&M and Mercers Micro May in 16 to 18 (black and olive producing best). Copper Johns 16-18 Black and Brown Rubber legs 6-10, Amber Wing Prince - 16, Zebra Midge 18 - 20,

Dries: Light Cahill 14 - 16, Parachute Light Cahill 14 to 16, Elk Hair Caddis, 14 to 16, Hackle Stacker PMD 14 - 16, Lawson's PMD 14 to 16

Guide tip: Lower Sac fish are notorious for the lightest of takes. Fish will mouth small flies and spit them out without any visible hints transferred up the line to the indicator. Often guests will turn and look at the guide and ask "was that a fish?" after a slight pause or just the lightest of "tick" visible on the indicator. Set on everything! We recommend you set first ask questions later.

The lower Sacramento has a good run of striper that those who like chasing these hardy game fish will want to know about. Contact us for more info.

Give us a ring to get out for a memorable trip by calling (707)287-2939 or emailing us at

Upper Sacramento Trout - Good. Water Clarity - Clear. Water temps - 60's

The Upper Sac is fishing good right now although the river is warming. Anglers will want to venture up river to the area above Dunsmuir to find best fishing. Golden Stones and small caddis, Midges are best bets right now. With warmer weather and water conditions savie anglers will want to focus on the turbulent higher oxygenated water just down stream or riffles for best success. A dry dropper is also working later in the day once the light gets off the water and temps cool a bit.

Dries: Stimulators 12 -14, March Brown - 18, Adams 12-20, Parachute Adams 14-18, Chubby Chernobyl Golden 8 -10, Mercer's Flush Floater Foam Stone - 8

Nymphs: G.B. Birds Nest 10 - 14, Rubber Leg Stone - Brown 6 - 8, Gordon's Amber Wing Prince 12 - 18, Mercer's Mirco May 14-16. Hogan's S&M Green, Brown or Black 16 to 20

Guide Tip: Tie on a bushy dry and a heavy bead head dropper and have a great time. The fish aren't huge, but very fun and it's not crowded at all.

Truckee River - Fair to Good. Flows 275 cfs in Town, temps 63-70 Deg. Clarity - Clear Little Truckee - Good. Flows - 100 cfs. Water Temps - 50s. Water Clarity - Clear.

The Truckee is fishing well however the weather is warm and proportionally, water is warming. As a result fishing is best first thing in the morning and then again the last hour or two of daylight. Our guide trips are limited to half days on the main Truckee currently as a result. If you simply must go fishing in the afternoon focus on the highly oxygenated water below riffles and boulder runs. Also we recommend taking a thermometer along. According to some of our biologist friends, fishing above 67 degrees can cause fish mortality rates to sky rocket. We recommend staying below that temp if you go. Thanks.

The little Truckee is not as susceptible to hot weather due to it being a tailwater. As long as flows continue to remain at appropriate levels excessively warm water is generally not an issue. Hatches consist mostly of Baetis PMD's and Caddis on both the Main Truckee and LT. Add to this Carpenter Ants on the LT and you should be good to go.

Nymphs: Specific patterns include Golden Stones 10 to 14, San Juan worms, 16 or 18 Ju Ju Baetis, Hogan's Military May and S&M in 16 to 18 and size 10 Rubber Legs, Skwala Stone - 16, Speroni's Skwala - 16, Fox's Poopahs, Dirty Birds, GB Prince Nymphs and regular and GB Birds Nests 12 - 16.

Dries: Carpenter Ants, Extended body BWO 18-22, Adam's Parachute 16 to 20, Christian's GT Adult 18-20, Missing Link 14 - 18, Quiggly's Hackle Stacker 14 - 16, CDC Thorax 14 - 18, BWO Parachutes -18, PMD Hackle Stacker -16.

Give us a ring at (707)287-2939 or at the shop (916)722-1055 to get out and make it happen.

Yosemite Area Trout - Fair. Water temps 50's to high 60's. Water Clarity - "Gin clear"

Things are fishing well in the Yosemite Area as long as you can get in and get up high. The Ferguson fire has caused some major challenges and Yosemite valley is still closed. Highway 140 and 41 are both impassible due to smoke concerns. Highway 120 is the only entrance open but the higher elevations accessible from it have fishes well. Due to warm water temps fishing early morning is best. Again keep a thermometer handy and try to limit fishing over 67 degrees.

We are hoping for the best for all those affected by the fires in this great state. May firefighters get fall rain come soon.

Dries: Carpenter Ants 12 -16 Adam's Parachute 14 to 16, Elk Hair Caddis, Green, Brown or Black - 14 to 16, Stimulators 12-14, Royal Wolf and Humpies 14 -16, Split Wing PMD 16-18, Rusty Spinner 16-18, Quigley's Sparkle Flag 16-18, Solitude PMD, 16-18, Missing Line 14-18

Nymphs: Specific patterns include Little and Golden Stones 10 to 14, Rubber Leg (brown and black 8 - 10. Hare's Ear 14 and Pheasant Tail and B.H. Pheasant Tail 14 - 16. Prince Nymph 12 -16.

Guide Tip : PMD's and Mahogany Duns have been showing up in the afternoons. Still a few stoneflies out there this week. Don't forget to hike the extra mile...It will usually pay off!

Yuba River Trout - Fair. Striper - Great! Shad - Good. Flows 1,700 cfs. above Daguerre, 950 cfs. below Water Temps - Mid 50's. Water Clarity - gin clear.

Trout fishing on the Lower Yuba has been fairly good recently. There are some fish to be had but folks are working for them a little. We are starting to see salmon return to the lower river and with them California steelhead. They along with resident rainbows have been eating rubber leg and mayfly nymphs pretty well. Try a variety of techniques from nymphing the deeper runs and pools to dry fly fishing in the eddys. Warmer summer weather has also brought grasshoppers to the river banks, so fishing near the banks with the appropriate dries is worth your attention as well.

Best trout flies should include hoppers, golden stones, Yellow sallies, caddis, tan soft hackles and streamers.

Guide Tip : "Put on a hopper and go to town."

The lower Yuba below Daguerre Dam has been fishing really well for shad and striper. While shad fishing is starting to ebb we are still getting them and the striper fishing is insane. We have exclusive access to drift this area as well as maneuver up to fish via jet boats. This can be some very productive fishing. We have days recently with up to 100 fish with shad, striper and trout all finding the net and guests leaving with big smiles and sore arms and backs. Fishing continues to be hot right now!!! Expect shad to continue to fish well through Mid August at least.

Striper fishing has taken off recently. Anglers here may not get the 20 lb fish that we find on other rivers we guide, however folks can expect to catch 2 to 5 lb fish all day long with shots at fish to 15 lbs. Watching a 10 to 15 lb striper follow your fly from the bank all the way to the boat before engulfing your fly and tearing off for cover is something you have to experience. What's more on the Yuba you don't have to be up at O' dark-thirty to find fish like other places and we hardly see anyone on the river this time of year. Take advantage of this virtually exclusive access to one of Northern California's fly fishing gems.

Call now as we have very limited calendar dates and the phone seems to be ringing off the hook right now. Do not (707)287-2939 direct or at the shop (916)722-1055 for more info or to reserve some red hot fishing.

Trout Nymphs: Golden Stones, Rubber Legs in brown and yellow, 8 to 12, CDC Prince Nymph, Fox's Poopah, Bird's Nests 14 to 16, Speroni's Baetis 16 - 20, Hogan's S&M, Military May, Mercer's Micro May Olive, Brown, Black 16 - 20, Hogan’s S&M nymph (olive, brown) -18, and Copper Johns (red, olive, copper) 14-18.

Trout Dries: Dave's Hopper, Parachute Adams, Light Cahill, Parachute Light Cahill 14 to 16, Pink Alberts 14 to 16 Elk Hair Caddis, 14 to 16, Hackle Stacker PMD 14 - 16, Lawson's PMD 14 to 16, Quiggly's Hackle Stacker 14 - 16, CDC Thorax 14 - 18, BWO Parachutes -18.

Trout Streamers: Olive and Brown wolly buggers 8 -12.

Striper Flies: Stay Hungry Streamers Byng's Baitfish, Angel's Chartreuse and White, Angels Delta Danger and Angel's Smolt, Toby's Shad Teaser 2/0 or 4/0, American River Special 3/0, Toby's Rainbow Clouser 4/0,

Shad Flies - Any small bright colored shad fly in orange, pink, white or red will work. Bloody Maria, Orange Thing, Bleeder. Swing by the shop to pick up some shad candy.

Clear Lake bass - Good. Water surface temps - High 60's to 70's Water clarity - Fair

Fishing has completely shifted from Crappie to largemouth for fly fishers on Clear Lake. Fishing is pretty good although the lake is starting to get busy with boaters. Still good fishing to be had. Some topwater action available first thing, but most success for us on the fly has been on streamers in the shade of the lakes many docks. Having a boat or getting a guided trip is critical as there is very little access on foot. Expect hot temps but great fishing from now through the end of September. It's go time!

Poppers: Pulz Poppers, Umpqua Swimming Frog, Bubblicious, Tod Wiggleman

Streamers: Papi Chulo, Brown or black B H. Wolly Bugger 6 to 10, Slumb Buster - 8, Geeza Lizard - 1/0, Black Sculpzilla - 4.

For more on Clear Lake...

Sierra Foothill Bass (Oroville, Englebright etc.) - Fair to Great! Water Temps - 67 - 75 degrees. Water clarity- Clear to slight color

There is something special in our opinion about summer bass fishing. Things are jumping off pretty good for bass fishing here in California. Our days on the water start with top water fishing and continue until every bit of shade has been tried and or gone away as the sun gets over head. After that it is on to streamers and crawdad patterns. Weather can be a bit warm this time of year so bringing the right clothing and a good shade hat is suggested. The good news is sizable fish can be found through out the day even once the top water bite ends and things switch to streamers. Good numbers of fish can be had now and will continue through out the summer.

Let us know if we can assist in setting up a memorable fly fishing trip for you this summer.

Guide Tip: Wear a wide brimmed hat for shade in conjunction with quick drying breathable clothing. Also having a Buff or bandanna to dip in the lake or even the ice water in the cooler can really keep things bearable during this hot part of the year.

Poppers: Pulz Poppers, Umpqua Swimming Frog, Bubblicious, Tod Wiggleman

Streamers: Papi chulo, Brown or black B H. Wolly Bugger 6 to 10, Slumb Buster - 8, Geeza Lizard - 1/0, Black Sculpzilla - 4.

Pyramid Lake NV* Cutthroat - Poor. Surface Temps - too warm

Summer is not a good time to fish our beloved Pyramid Lake. Fish are down low and so we let them rest. If you haven't experienced Pyramid yourself, give us a ring and put something on the calendar for next year. Based on these past two years you're not going to want to miss this...

* Yes were aware that Pyramid Lake is in Nevada not California, but it is close and such a great world class fishery that we included it in our report for your benefit.

If you enjoyed this report please like and share it. If you have comments or to share your own personal fishing report email me at (707)287-2939 C (530)242-4122 O.

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