Northern California Fly Fishing Report – March 24, 2017

American – Poor Flows 4,200 cfs Water Temp high 50’s degrees. Water Clarity – slight color

Steelhead fishing continues to be challenging on the American due to high water. Our guides have been out this week and landed some fish but it has been scratching and clawing for them. Nymphing has fished best on the periphery. It is still not safe wading at this point. We don’t recommend wading above 3,500 cfs and even drifts can be a bit sketchy.
Steelheading would be tapering of even in ideal conditions so it may not come back in shape in time to fish this year. All the water is good for future fishing so we can’t complain.

Delta Stiper – Fair to Good Water Temp high 50’s degrees. Water Clarity – clear to muddy

Striper fishing continues to be challenging on the Delta although we’re still getting a dozen to 25+ fish per trip. Captain Bryce Tedford had nearly 30 fish in the boat this week! Most keepers have been 3 to 5 lbs with an occasional 6 to 9 lber. This recent rain will make the water cold and a bit muddy. A day or two after this rain stops the fishing will resume. Weather can be great one day and terrible the next. Watch the report and shoot for good weather after a couple rain free days. Our guides have been burning quite a bit of gas to get to fish but it’s been worth it. We have been running floating, intermediate and sinking lines recently with success on all.

Best flies have been clousers in Chartreuse/White or baby blue and white. Rattles can help fish find flies in muddy water.

With all the water it is going to be a good year on the Delta!

Call now to reserve your Spring days for April and May. Call the shop at (916)722-1055 or Off the Hook at (707)287-2939 to get out with Maury, Bryce and Toby for some memorable striper action this season

Napa River – Poor to Fair . Flows – average, Water temps - 60’s. Water clarity – Stained

Some really good fish were caught this week on the Napa River. Recent rains will put things off for a little while. The river usually needs at least 3 to four days without heavy rain for fishing to pick back up. Move around to find cleaner water and pods of fish.

Stay hungry streamer or clouser type patters are working best but it is mostly about finding clearer water and pods of fish than anything.

We are looking forward to good Spring and Summer fishing in the Napa Valley. Stay tuned for updated reports, or give us a call at (707)287-2939 for current information.

Putah Creek – Poor to Fair Flows – 1,000 CFS. Temps - high 50’s. Water clarity – Green

Flows on Putah Creek are steady at around 1,000 cfs. Water is high as a result of the glory hole spilling over and will probably continue to do so for at least a few more days with this recent rains. This has been a welcome sight as it has blow out much of the heavy siltation caused by two summers of fires and the deposits from two subsequent heavy runoff years. We are catching some nice fish but not many and not in the normal areas due to high water.

Try fishing Pheasant tail nymphs, Blue Wing Olive nymphs under an indicator. Midges and San Juan worms are also a good idea. With higher water you should start with #14 and #16 instead of going straight to 18# and 20#’s

Good spring fishing should be just around the corner, so Reserve your Spring Putah trip today! Call us at (707)287-2939 or at the shop at (916)722-1055.

Guide tip: “Wait until the water is below 1,000 cfs and be careful when wading. A wading staff and inflatable life jacket would be wise this time of year… or go fish Pyramid.”

Pyramid Cutthroat trout - Fair to Good. Temps - high 50’s. Water clarity – 6 to 8 feet

Pyramid season is in full swing. With the warmer weather the fish have become more active searching for that wanting water. The fishing has been fairly consistent but there have been some slower days but also some very good days mixed in with great numbers of large fish being caught. With the heavy crowds your best chance at a big fish would be to find beaches with less pressure your chances go down of catching the monster as the number of anglers goes up. Stripping and indicator techniques have both been equally productive depending on what beach you are at. Stripping Doug O's popcorn beetle or Sexton's boobies followed by a wooly, clouser, leech or favorite baitfish pattern have been very good for the sandy beaches. While the indicator bite has been fairly consistent all over the lake your best chance is paired Midges or midge nymph or balanced leech combo. The colors have been varying from day to day so start with basic blacks, reds, and wines for the nymphs and Midges. For the leeches olive, black, and white have been more effective in low light or heavy weather conditions. You can't catch fish unless your line is in the water so come out fish hard and you will be rewarded.

Now is the time to go fish Pyramid! Call today to reserve one of our top guides on this amazing fishery. The fish of a lifetime awaits… Call (707)287-2939 (916)722-1055

Russian River steelhead - Poor. Flows – Too high but dropping. Temps - high 60’s. Water clarity – 1 foot of visibility but clearing.

The Russian was just coming into shape again last week when it blew out again due to this storm. We are hoping for a crack at this rivers steelhead this season, but are not sure if it is going to happen.

Regardless, all this water has allowed many steelhead to spawn in peace and will also provide some great summer smallmouth fishing.

Two years ago they told us to say a prayer or do a rain dance… and we did. Now it’s time to dance and pray for chrome!

Guide tip - in higher, early season flows, swing weighted Intruders on ten feet of T-14 to get your flies down to the fish. Also use black blue and purple flies with large silhouettes in the often colored water...

Give us a call at (707)287-2939 for more info on getting on the call list for when the Russian is firing.

Coastal Steelhead - Fair to Good. Flows – in shape or just coming in. Water conditions – Steelhead green

There are several coastal rivers that are in shape or coming into shape this week and we are hooking some nice fish. If you are interested please call us for updates or to book your dance with destiny. Some folks say wild California steelhead are rare like white unicorns. We can agree that seeing and cradling a wild steelhead briefly before watching her swim away is definitely memorable. We would love to make memorable happen for you. Call (707)287-2939 and we will do our best to make it a reality.

Lower Sacramento – Poor Flows – 10,000 CFS and climbing. Temps - Low 50’s. Water clarity – fairly clear

Fishing on the Lower Sac continues to be non-existent on a fishery that normally provides a reliable option when everything else is blown out. We have had reports from those in the know that current high flows should subside soon after this current storm subsides. Fish should come out of this high water winter hungry and on the chow.

All the usual spring flies will be in order once water subsides. Caddis, caddis, caddis!

Haven’t seen the Lower Sacramento like this in years!!!

We love April and May on the Sac. Book your Spring days now by calling (707)287-2939 or (916)722-1055.

Trinity River – Fair (True steelhead fishing) Flows – 320 cfs out of Lewiston, 1,900 cfs at Douglas City. Temps – Low 50’s. Clarity – Good

This year has been about quality over quantity. We are happy to say that our guest are hooking some nice fish and almost everyone is getting at least a fish or two in the net each day. Water spiked in the last few days to 1,900 at Douglas city so the upper river near Lewiston may be the only option. Things are winding down for us up here anyways with only a few guide days left.

Traditional stonefly rubber legs, golden stones, psycho prices, and Copper Johns have been best. March Browns’ Jimmy Legs and Copper Johns have been best producers.

Give us a ring to give Trinity Steelheading a go before they’re gone. (916)722-1055 or at (707)287-2939.

Truckee River – Fair to Good Flows – 1000 +cfs in town, 3,600 at Boca. Water Temps. – Low 50’s. Clarity – clear to murky

This winter has been one of the best fishing winters on the Truckee in recent memory. The weather has been cold, but fishing on the river recently continues to be good. It is snowing as we write this report here on Friday morning. Access to the river has gotten better recently now that some of the snow has melted with the last storm’s warmer rain and this recent snow should melt off soon. Decent numbers of rainbows, browns and whitefish are being caught with chances at some really nice fish.

Nymphing and streamers continue to be the ticket. There isn’t much dry fly action right now. Hopefully in a month or so the Skwalas will kick in, but for now it’s down and dirty. Get your flies down and fish them slow. Big and small stoneflies, SJ’s Princes, Birds Nests and midges are working well. Remember to fish “Winter water” (water that is slower than walking speed). Fish continue to stay close to be close to the bank.

Call the shop at (916)722-8594 or OTH direct at (707)287-2939 for current conditions or to schedule the cure for common cabin fever.

Yosemite Area Trout – Poor to Fair.

Run off is here but there are narrow windows of opportunity so get out and enjoy when you can. As always check before you go, fish the edges of streams with caution. Here are some shots of the Kings River above Pine Flat ushering in a great bloom and time to fish.

Mokelumne - 5,000 CFS- Too big to fish, best to stay away.

Stanislaus - 1,140 CFS - Too high to float but fish cautiously from shore

Tuolumne - 1,100 CFS - High flows, hard to access both banks.

Merced- 4,000 below Briceburg, 6,000 Crocker Huffman- still too high to drift.

Stay tuned for updates or call us for more info.

Yuba River Trout – Poor Flows – 2,100 cfs Water Temps – Mid 50’s. Clarity – Slight color

We have nicknamed the Yuba the "Newba" recently! It has totally changed with the high flows. Water is dropping into shape and we have had guides out exploring but only a few fish to hand. The last time the Yuba blew out like this it took months to come back and didn’t quite fish the same for a couple seasons. We are optimists by nature as fly fishers so we are hoping for the best and not getting to fish the Yuba for a while is a willing trade for excess water and what it means for the state as a whole. The river has changed drastically so we will have to wait and get reacquainted with this beloved fishery once she comes back to us.
Nymphing with Skwala stones, march browns, and San Juan Worms should produce best.

Guide tip: “wait until the Yuba drops below 1,000 cfs or go fish the Truckee or Pyramid!”

We are also providing opportunities for Bass fishing on the fly in many of our foothill lakes near Sacramento and surrounding areas.

For more info give us a call!

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