Northern California Fly Fishing Report – April 22, 2017

Best Bets... Delta, Truckee or Pyramid

American – Poor Flows 14,200 cfs Water Temp high 50’s degrees. Water Clarity – Off color

Striper should be showing up in the American soon. We're not exactly sure how all this rain will affect the timing of their migration this season. However judging by how things are really picking up on the Delta, it shouldn't be too long. When they do arrive stripping flies on sinking lines is the name of the game. Traditionally good flies for this time of year will be Byng’s Bait fish in white/chartreuse, Toby’s American River Rainbow Clouser and the Stay Hungry Streamer in gray/white.

We are looking forward to shad fishing this season as well. Stay tuned in late May for things to get going. Shad will take flies that are swung or nymphed.

If you are looking forward to striper or shad fishing on the American and would like some professional help give us a call at (707)287-2939 916)722-8594 at the shop. We have some of the very best most patient and competent guides around. Let us assist you in getting the most out of your time on the water.

Delta Stiper – Good to great! Water Temp high 60-62’s degrees. Water Clarity – Clear in some areas, murky in others.

Photo Credit : Toby Uppinghouse

Striper fishing has improved from fair to good with opportunities for a really great day on each trip out. Water temps have warmed to 60 to 62 and will continue to warm going forward. Water is clear in some areas and still quite murky in others. You have to move with the tides to find clear water. Our guides have been having some good days and even some occasional great ones. Most keepers have been 3 to 5 lbs with an occasional 6 to 9 lber. Recently weather has great one day and terrible the next. Watch the report and shoot for good weather with manageable rain and without tons of recent rain.We have been running floating, intermediate and sinking lines recently with success on all.

The guides are booked solid through the end of May with only a day here or there available but we are taking fall bookings now. Also Captain Bill Beckett has some availability to chase striper and bass out of kayaks. He says that dark flies with rattles have been fishing well for him for largemouth bass. Best bet has been at the ends of the dead end sloughs. We will still need some more warm weather without cold rainwater coursing in for largemouth to be a thing. Smallmouth fishing on the Northern Delta is still not doable as the Sacramento is still blown hard. For now we suggest focusing on striper. Best flies for them have been clousers in Chartreuse/White or baby blue and white. Rattles can help fish find flies in muddy water.

Now is the time to be thinking about targeting smallmouth on the Delta. Catching these marauders on topwater poppers and light rods is a hoot for kids of all ages. Our calendar is booking up for June already. Please give us a call (707)287-2939 to reserve your summer smallmouth, largemouth or striper fishing.

Guide tip: Find clean water and you will find fish.

Napa River – Good. Flows – average, Water temps - 57-60. Water clarity – Stained

Some really good fish were caught again this week on the Napa River. The middle and upper sections of the river are fishing well. Water below Los Brazos Bridge is still of color but is fishable. Any smallclouser style flies in olive/white, gray/white size 1/0 or 2/0 will work. Our favorite is the Stay Hungrys in above color/size/

We are looking forward to good Spring and Summer fishing in the Napa Valley. Stay tuned for updated reports, or give us a call at (707)287-2939 for current information.

Putah Creek – Fair Flows – 1000 CFS. Temps - high 50’s. Water clarity – Green

Photo Credit : Rob Russell

Putah has improved recently with some nice fish being caught like this one from yesterday. Water is still double where it should be this time of year. It is still the "Green River" and nowhere near the Gin clear conditions we are used to but we'll take it. Water continues to spill over the glory hole has been for over two months at this poing. The recent slightly clearer water warrants use of the normal smaller Putah bugs in your box. Think sizes 16-22. BWO's, midges and SJWs have been working.

Guide tip: “Rob Russell says to try Squirmy San Juan Worms in Pink, red or tan.”

Good spring fishing should be just around the corner, so Reserve your Spring Putah trip today! Call us at (707)287-2939 or at the shop at (916)722-1055.
For more on Putah creek click here...

Pyramid Lake Nevada - Good. Temps - 48’s. Water clarity – 6 to 8 feet

Photo Credit : Austin Leonard

Pyramid is on rise, and in more ways than one. The Truckee River is continuously on cranking fresh water at a rapid rate into pyramid and we are seeing the rising of the lake daily. The lake is averaging a vertical inch a day with much more water to come through summer. That being said the surface water temps are still much cooler than the past seasons during mid-April. Right now we are looking at right around 48 degrees. Which is on average 5 degrees colder than normally for this time of year. We are still only seeing a fraction of the cruising fish we are used to for mid April. The hot calm sunny days that used to be the days where the bite was tough are now the most productive. On a hot day the water warms up shallow beaches just enough to get fish moving in and actively feeding. Stick to your guns and wait for the fish to come in. During certain parts of the day you will notice the bite moving in and out in distance. So be sure to try fishing far out and in close and see where cruising lanes are. And when we say "in close" we mean at just past your rod tip. Some of your biggest fish will be within 25ft off your rod tip. As far as flies and techniques the indicator and "no cator" bite has been the most productive of the fishing. Midges and nymphs in black, wine, and red have been great. A very close competitor has been the balanced leech in black olive and grey. Vary your depths through the day to find the feeding fish with the rising water making the ledges farther out and cold water temps don't be afraid to fish shallow under your indicator, you will be surprised. Stripping has been good with darker flies in the lower light and brighter flies during the day. A contrast of a black and a white fly combo is the best start. The beaches are changing fairly rapidly so please be careful wading even in the familiar spots. Again, fish hard with confidence and you will be rewarded. Don't get discouraged, wait for the schools of fish to come and take advantage of every opportunity. We have had some outstanding trips recently with great numbers and more fish over 10lbs than we could of imagined. Most importantly bigger than the fish are the smiles we are seeing from all the anglers on the beaches. Now is the time to come out!

Now is the time to go fish Pyramid! Call today to reserve one of our top guides on this amazing fishery. The fish of a lifetime awaits… Call (707)287-2939 or (916)722-1055

Lower Sacramento – Fair. Flows – 30,000 CFS. Temps - Low 50’s. Water clarity – 2 feet of visibility “Brownish green”

The Lower Sac is fishing, albeit not excellent. Flows are 30k so wading is out of the questions. Even drifting should be left to the pros as currents are strong and there is new debris in the river that can ruin your day.

Not much in the way of hatches right now unfortunately. Most fish being caught are on egg patterns and some are pretty good size. Fish are in totally different places than normal due to high water. We're fishing in tight to the banks against willows and trees. Mostly an egg thing, but some stones and larger dark mayflies under an indicator instead of dry droppers which we like to use int he shallows. Oh well the Sac will be back to normal soon. For now what we're doing is working fine.

Book your Spring and Summer Lower Sac days now by calling (707)287-2939 or (916)722-1055.

Truckee River – Good Flows – 1,600 cfs in town, 4,300 cfs at Boca. Water Temps. – Low 50’s. Clarity – Steelhead green.

Photo Credit : Chris Maher

The Truckee continues to fish well although not entirely a numbers game. Our guides have been catching some nice sized fish. The fish are still there, you just have to get creative.

There is more water than we normally see this time of year but the additional water hasn't put the fish down. Chris Maher says that nymphing has produced best recently but it pays to think outside the box. "These fish are educated". There are some BWO and Skwala hatches coming off right now and so these are good bugs to have in your setup. Also don't forget about midges too. Streamer fishing is also not a bad idea.

Guide Tip "Those who are committing to streamer fishing are being rewarded."

Call the shop at (916)722-8594 or OTH direct at (707)287-2939 for current conditions or to schedule the cure for common cabin fever.

Little Truckee River - Good. Flows 1,181 (huge!) Visibility - Clear/light tea.

The Little Truckee continues to fish well despite the fact that it is flowing at over 1,000 cfs. These aren't the normal flows and fish are up in the willows, tucked in deep buckets and in slow side seams. The fish are still here you just have to adjust where you fish and get the depth right and you may have to go small when it comes to flies. BWO's midges, eggs and San Juan worms have been working lately. There has been a mid day blue wing olive hatch which has gotten things going. Czech nymphing and indicator nymphing both worked last week as did streamer fishing, but you have to work hard to get them on the big uglies. The inlet at Boca has produced fish for those in boats as well as on foot. The trout opener is upon us and this will take a great deal of the pressure off of the Truckee in the near future.

Guide Tip "Think outside the box. These fish are educated."

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