San Francisco Bay/Delta Kayak Fly Fishing Trips for Striper, Largemouth and Smallmouth

Would you enjoy getting out doors and out on the water as an escape from the daily grind? Have you ever considered combining fly fishing with the enjoyment and freedom of paddling a kayak?

The waters near San Francisco and the San Joaquin River Delta offer a huge variety of waterways, rugged coast line, bays, sloughs and flats with a myriad of challenging hard fighting fish!

San Francisco Delta kayak fly fishing trips

Could you use some time away without going very far or burning a whole day? Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or Sacramento here in Northern California or will visit here soon? If you enjoy fly fishing or would like to learn and think you would have fun fishing from a kayak then a trip with us may be just what you need.

We offer guided kayak fly fishing trips for largemouth, smallmouth, striper, ling cod, rock cod in both the San Joaquin River Delta, San Francisco Bay and Coastal salt water here in the North State.

All levels and experience welcome and we provide all the necessary gear.

Call now to set up a truly memorable experience on the water. We can be reached at(707)287-2939 or via email at Feel free to reach out for more information or to check availability on our calendars.Click here to access our online trip request form.


Full day single angler - $275, two anglers - $375 (with lunch)
Half day two anglers - $275

Note: Rods, reels, flies, kayaks and gear provided.

The Fishing

Depending on which species we are targeting will dictate the gear that we use. We fish 4 and 5 weight rods and small poppers for smallmouth and target them as we drift along. It is really fun to see these bronze beauties size up the popper and then attack it! They are usually found near rocks and are very fun on light tackle.

For largemouth we use 7 or 8 weight rods and target them in the warmer waters and in bays and back canals. We use poppers on floating lines, and streamers on a variety of lines depending on the depth they are at. They are found usually near structure like weeds lines, Tules, or around logs.

The stripped bass we target using 7 to 9 weight rods and everything from floating lines and intermediate "I lines" to heavily weighted sinking ones. Striper are ambush predators who look to ambush unsuspecting bait that happens to drift or swim by. They are found along current seams or drop offs and will pounce on a fly.

The Seasons

Smallmouth are here year round, however we target them from late may through September depending on the year. Our favorite way to catch them is on top water. They will hit poppers best virtually anywhere they are found and the temp is around 70 degrees.

Largemouth prefer slightly warmer water in the high 70's to low 80's for top water action. They can be caught on streamers as well from late April and early May all the way through late September.

Striper are migratory creatures that like to school up when smaller then tend to hunt in smaller packs or alone as they grow in size. They come in from the Salt into the system in March and we target them from April through May as they move up into the rivers to spawn and then again in September October and November when they return to the Delta on their way back to the Ocean.

Booking Your Trip

You can book your adventure by calling (707)287-2939 or via email at here to access our online trip request form.

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