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The Pit's flows through some truly rugged and beautiful country.The Pit's flows through some truly rugged and beautiful country.

The Pit River is arguably one of the finest trout streams in California and definitely one of our favorites. Although it has a reputation for being unforgiving due to challenging wading conditions it can be a very enjoyable and rewarding spot to fish with year round potential. From it's source North East of Mt Lassen the Pit flows through a series of PG& E resevoirs and through some of California's most scenic, remote and rugged landscape. In between these impoundments the Pit flows through a canyon lined with evergreens and deciduous forest with boulder strewn runs with more pocket water and trout habitat than virtually any other river in California. Ultimately it flows into Lake Shasta and becomes the Lower Sacramento River.

The Pit is home to a fantastic number if large football shaped rainbows that will test your skills and gear. Those who take the time to learn this river are often rewarded with solitude and some pretty phenomenal fishing.

Pit river fly fishing guide .Pit river rainbows are healthy, well proportioned and hard fighting.

Seasons on the Pit River

Regulations were changed a few years back to allow for year round fly fishing on the Pit. Although susceptible to heavy rains and changing waters levels, the Pit offers pretty good walk and wade potential and classic style pocket water fishing year round.


February - May. Late Winter and early Spring can be productive on the Pit as long as weather and run off levels cooperate. In February if weather and air temps are normal hatches of March Browns, Pale Morning Duns and even some smaller Caddis and Stoneflies become active on the Pit. This provides consistent opportunities throughout each day to fish nymphs and dries. On cloudy days hatches of Blue Wing Olives often make for memorable fishing in March, April and May.


June, July and August:

Summer on the Pit is one of our favorite times to fish here. There are opportunities to wet wade the super oxygenated pocket water makes for good holding water for fish wanting to keep cool and anglers alike. Salmon flies begin to hatch in May and into June and these large adult insects make for a big tasty morsel for trout and will bring even the largest Pit rainbows to the surface. Even when adults are not hatching fishing a stonefly nymph under an indicator or even a dry dropper setup can be very productive. Smaller stones like Yellow Sallies and even Caddis begin hatch during this time and make for some killer evening action.

By late Summer midges become a big part of the biomass on the river and tiny flies can produce some rather large fish during this period. Given the Pit's reputation for being a challenging river to wade and fish it can be a great place to get up out of the valley heat and and escape from the crowds.


September and October:

Fall is a great time to be fishing pretty much anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and the Pit is no exception. Great weather and hatches of some of the area's larger insects combine to produce some great fishing conditions. Large Mahogany Duns and October Caddis can be found hatching on the river at this time. Even when the adults are not hatching or being keyed on by feeding fish, high sticking or nymphing imitations through likely looking water will often produce good results. Even if you find yourself on the Pit and the weather turns overcast... don't fret. Blue Wing Olive mayflies often begin to hatch on overcast days providing for good fishing.


November, December and January:

The Pit river can be a good Winter option for hardy anglers looking for the cure to "cabin fever". Mid day is generally the best time to fish this time of year as it takes a while for sunlight to filter down to the water and take off the chill in the air. This slight up tick in temperature can be all that is needed to get bugs moving and as a result often is the most productive fishing. Even when hatches are not going on searching the miles of pocket water with attractor nymphs or swinging a streamer through some likely looking spots can be quite productive. We always strongly recommend wearing a wading belt in conjunction with waders. On the Pit this is especially important. During winter months we also recommend wearing a pair of inflatable suspenders or other personal floatation device, use a wading staff and employ the buddy system when possible for good measure.

Booking a guide on the Pit River

To make a reservation, please give us a call at (530)242-4122 during normal business hours or 707)287-2939 any time or email us at info@offthehookflyfishing.com. We're here to answer any questions you may have, check availability and reserve a great guide. Great memories on the Pit or any of our other fantastic fisheries are within your grasp. Call now!

Reservations and Rates
Cost of a full day Pit River guided trip is:
$500 per day (1 to 2 anglers per guide
$550 per day package (all inclusive package with flies tackle and gear provided)

Included in your guided trip on the Pit River are 8+ hours of guided fishing and instruction with lunch provided)

Package Deal
If you are new to fly fishing or just prefer to not hassle with luging out all your own gear then you may want to consider our “Package Deal. For a mere $50 per day our guides will provide all the necessary rods, reels, flies and terminal tackle needed for a successful and rewarding day.
If you happen to be an experienced angler and fly tier call ahead and we will let you know exactly what flies are producing best so you can tie them up before your trip and bring them along.

Fishing on the Pit

Our guides love fishing the Pit and on their days off are often found wetting a line themselves on this wonderful fishery. Rainbows here are foot-ball shaped strong and pull hard. They will eat a variety of attractor nymphs year round even when hatches are sparse or fish just aren't keying in on the adult insects.

There are miles of accessible water on the Pit however utilizing a competent local guide on this river can be a real game changer saving hours of frustrating guesswork and wasted time. Our guides are all excellent instructors, so your day on the river will undoubtedly be a great learning experience, productive and enjoyable.

Getting here

The Pit River is accessed off or Highway 299 about an hour East of Redding. If you would like specific access information or an up to date fishing report give us a ring at (707)287-2939. We will be happy to share what we have learned about this wonderful gem.

Lodging for the Pit River

We would be happy to make suggestions for accommodations within striking distance of the Pit. From unimproved camping, to "glamping", and motels to B & B's there are options for just about every taste and budget. It you would like information please pick up the phone and call us any time (707)287-2939.

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